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YellowPencil’s Code Quality

YellowPencil is a project that developers have worked on for many years, and now the plugin is mature. YellowPencil’s robust, intuitive features, make the plugin unique. YellowPencil Visual CSS Editor generating the CSS code as a professional front-end developer.

CSS Browser Prefixes

Please do not add CSS browser prefixes to CSS editor, YellowPencil does this automatically.

CSS Pseudo-classes

YellowPencil uses a different system for CSS pseudo-classes because this is not possible to select any element by using any pseudo-classes in javascript. So If you activate the hover for the selected element, the editor also shows all other element’s hover styles applied with the YellowPencil editor, however; as a result, the changes apply only to the selected element.

Note: YellowPencil doesn’t provide editing¬†:before and :after pseudo-classes visually, but you can still use these pseudo-classes in CSS Editor.

CSS Media Queries

YellowPencil has been supporting media queries since 5.3.0 version.

CSS Comments

YellowPencil partially supports CSS comments. You can add CSS Comments just up of the CSS selectors.

CSS Important Tag

The plugin checks if the CSS rules need to important tag and add it if need. This feature is making 90% correct operation.

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