Why Aren’t Changes Being Saved?

Caching Compatibility Issues

This problem is most likely related to the cache. WordPress cache plugins may still load the old page. If you are experiencing this problem, please clear your cache.

  • Deactivate the cache plugin or clear cache from cache plugin options after using the editor.
  • Clean web browser cache and refresh the editor page.
  • Your web server may cache the pages for a few hours. Contact with your web server provider if cleaning the cache doesn’t fix the issue.
  • Be sure you are using the latest version.
  • Need to help? Please create a ticket on our support forum.

“An Error occurred while saving” Message

There are many reasons why you get such a message. Let’s see the reasons:

  • Internet connection may be disconnected.
  • The server may not be available when you try to save it.
  • The maximum post limit of the server may not be sufficient.
  • The server or WordPress security plugin may block YellowPencil’s post requests.
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