Motion (Animation)


The animation properties allow adding animations to the elements.

Animation Properties

Animationanimation, noneAdds an animation to an element.
Triggeronscreen, hover, click, focusOnScreen:Play when the element visible on the screen.

Hover: Play when mouse over on the element.

Click: Play when the element clicked.

Focus: Play when element a form field focus.

Trigger Repeatnumber, infiniteSpecifies the number of times an animation should be played.
DurationnumberDefines how long an animation should take to complete one cycle.
DelaynumberSpecifies a delay for the start of an animation.
Easingease, linear, ease-in, ease-out, ease-in-outSpecifies the speed curve of an animation.
Animation Fill Modenone, forwards, backwards, both
Sets the state of the end animation when the animation is not running.
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