Add Filters

YellowPencil provides some hooks and filters for developers that will include the plugin in their themes. You can add these one-line codes to your theme’s function.php file.

Disable The CSS Properties

you can disable CSS properties as you want, only replace CSS rule name in the following code and add to theme’s function.php file.

add_filter('yp_property__font-family', '__return_false');
add_filter('yp_property__transform', '__return_false');

If you want to allow users to make safe editing, disable width, height, position properties.

Disable And Enable The Tools And Features

Personalize the plugin with one-line codes to fit your needs!


YellowPencil shows a popup for selecting the target page when you start editor from WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > YellowPencil Editor. Disable this automatic popup by using this code.

add_filter('yp_auto_load_popup', '__return_false');


The left bar is fixed by default. You can change it by using the following code.

add_filter('yp_fixed_left_bar', '__return_false');


The right panel is covering the page by default. You can fix the right panel to the right corner by using the following code.

add_filter('yp_fixed_right_panel', '__return_true');


The following code hides all premium properties in the free version. Use this code if you are planning to include the free version to your project.

add_filter('yp_hide_premium_options', '__return_true');


This feature automatically detects the styles that can harm the responsive system and limits them with special screen size, disable it by using this code.

add_filter('yp_smart_responsive_technology', '__return_false');


Adds the important tag to CSS rules if required, disable it by using this code.

add_filter('yp_smart_important_tag', '__return_false');


Appends the new selectors to the editor with CSS comment description. Disable it by using the following code.

add_filter('yp_append_auto_comments', '__return_false');


The following code disables animation manager and animation generator tools.

add_filter('yp_animation_tools', '__return_true');


This code disables live CSS editor. Users will not be able to access CSS editor.

add_filter('yp_css_editor', '__return_false');


This code disables the live settings in the editor.

add_filter('yp_live_settings_menu', '__return_false');
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