How To Create Unique Design For WordPress Site

Whenever you are creating a website, you must always focus on selecting a unique web design. If you are not focusing on creating a unique web design for your website, you will end up facing a lot of problems later on. Creating a unique web design depends on various important things.

If you are searching for a uniquely designed WordPress theme, then it can be a perfect option for you. However, the selection of the right WordPress theme also depends on multiple factors. Make sure that you are searching for unique web design when buying a premium theme.
More importantly, you will have to look for the options of personalizing and customizing the theme according to your requirements. Here, we will be discussing why unique web design is important and how you can personalize your website using YellowPencil Visual Style Editor.

Importance Of Unique Web Design

If you are not aware of the importance of unique website design, then you must know that many factors will affect the performance of your website. First of all, having a unique design is one of the most important things that you should focus on.


First of all, you should look for creative and simple navigation. Navigation will help your customers to navigate through different pages. You will have to focus on creating perfect navigation which is easily understandable for your customers.

Visual Elements

The use of visual elements has to be creative and unique. If you are creating dynamic elements, then you must provide valuable content and easy to understand visual elements. Your unique design will create an impression on your visitors, and it has to be a good one.

Brand Uniformity and Engagement

Whenever you are creating a new website, you must always think of brand uniformity and user engagement. If you are a company and you have been sending a specific message to your customers, then your website design should portray that message. The design has to be engaging so you can avoid all the problems later on. Your customers are the lifeline of the company, and you should create a website design which is engaging and will help your customers to navigate easily through the website.

How Unique Web Design Affect The Performance Of Your Website

There are countless factors that will affect the performance of your website, and web design is one of them. If you are not creating a unique web design, then you will end up facing a lot of problems. Your website design can affect the SEO of your website. The design has to be user-friendly and if your website design is not free and does not have a friendly user interface, and then you won’t be able to get the desired outcome. Make sure that you are keeping the design simple enough so the users can easily interact with the design.

You should have an optimized design for your website so you can avoid slow loading and multiple issues. If you know how you can make a user-friendly design, then you can use plugins like YellowPencil that will allow you to make design tweaks in wireframes. It is the best way to make changes to your website so you can avoid all the problems that you are facing. Make sure that you are checking all the factors affecting the performance of your website and then proceed with caution.

The Best Plugin To Tweak Designs

You can’t completely change the basic design, but you can certainly make the necessary changes to each and every element in your website using YellowPencil plugin. Whether you need to change the color scheme or position of different elements, you can easily do it using YellowPencil.

We will highly recommend using YellowPencil as it has all the great features that you can use. You can add a gradient, change backgrounds, change position and multiple other things. You can easily drag and drop elements on different sections of your website. You can generate animations and much more. More importantly, after making all the changes, you can check your website in the responsive mode so you can make sure that your website is working absolutely fine on all the devices.

How To Personalize Web Design Using YellowPencil

Personalizing your website is essential. There are multiple plugins that you can use to create new and creative elements for your site. However, if you are looking to make some huge design changes, then you should consider using YellowPencil. It will provide you with all the amazing options to make the changes to your website.

If you go on and have an overview of the plugin, then you must know that you will be able to get lots of features that will help you make changes to your website design. If you need to make a change to a single element on your web page, then you will have the options of changing text, fonts, background, margin, padding, border, position, and lots of other things. You can create animations, and you can make changes in the wireframe. The plugin is a complete visual style editor, and you can stay on your web page and view the changes simultaneously.


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    June 12, 2019 at 10:57 pm

    Nice article! do you offer the ability to use the plugin on other platforms?

    • WaspThemes

      October 21, 2019 at 10:05 pm

      Hello David, I glad you like it. Unfortunately, this is currently not possible.


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