Can I include the plugin with my theme to sell?

Yes, you need one Extended License for each of your themes. Please see more about CodeCanyon licenses.

You able to include YellowPencil in the theme sold on Envato Market, but you need to take permission from YellowPencil’s author if the theme sold on another platform (excluding Envato).

Use the contact form in our CodeCanyon profile for permission.

Add the following code to the theme function.php file. This code disables the plugin’s license activation notifications.

define('YP_THEME_MODE', "true");


YellowPencil is compatible with all themes but If you want to make it more compatible, then use custom CSS and custom javascript.

Apply custom CSS to your theme that only works in YellowPencil.

body.yp-yellow-pencil .my-theme-element{


Use javascript function in your theme that only works in YellowPencil.

function is_yellow_pencil(){
   return true;
   return false;
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